Tugging At My Heart <3

May 28, 2012 (Monday)

I was blessed to be working with the babies today. There is this one little baby that has really pulled on my heartstrings. He is the sweetest little thing! It is awesome to see him grow and change in the short time we have been here. :) I hope that dad will continue to be with this child and help him grow. Dad does awesome things through the smallest and weakest.


May 30, 2012 (Wednesday)

Today has been quite a day. Some of us have been sick with some sort of cold that is going around. However, this has not hindered our ability to do great things for father. Today, some of us got to go visit a local college and share. The other team members stayed to work with the children. I am so blessed to be a part of such a self-sacrificing group!

Last week, the groundskeeper here had me working in the backyard. He gave me a bucket filled with, I believe, some sort of fertilizing pellets (given that we don’t speak the same language, I am not completely positive about this). He directed me to carry around the bucket and throw the pellets into the grass. As I did this, he would watch from a distance and correct me or give me a “thumbs up” when necessary. While I was doing this, I was reminded me of a story father once told about workers and harvesters and of the advice our friends gave about planting seeds. I thought about this as I continued working. In the midst of my work I was given another thought. I wondered if every person is always planting seeds, not just the few of us working for dad. Perhaps, each person plants his or her own seeds every single day. They plant seeds of hope or hate; love or lust; joy or sorrow. They plant and plant and, eventually, the harvest of those seeds does come. Fortunately for us children, we have father to guide us. He is like the groundskeeper that is always watching and lovingly directing. “Plant a seed of hope here,” he says “and a seed of compassion there.”  Our dad gives us all the seed and the equipment that we need and places us in soil where he knows we will be most effective.

As we continue on this journey, I am filled with a new revelation each morning as I ask myself to analyze what sort of seeds I am planting each day. For you at home, continue to talk to father about all of us that we may plant seeds that will reap him a beautiful harvest.

Loving you despite the distance and missing you because of it,


"This Special Just For You"

Sunday May 27th 2012

We started our day by returning to the church for foreigners and we enjoyed the message very much! Soon after church we went to the Olympic grounds here in Beijing. We got to try traditional Chinese dumplings, lamb, and some strange new ice creams. While we were waiting for part of our group to finish up, Courtney, Kayla, Hannah, Justine, Kelly, and Chandler enjoyed dancing around to the music being played over the speakers. We may have attracted quite a bit of attention, especially during the Justin Beiber songs that they turned on just for us. A rather large number of Chinese people stopped to videotape us. When we were done rocking out, we tested our bargaining skills out at the silk market. Most of us did quite well. We heard many “I give you good price”, “This very good quality”, and “This special just for you.” We enjoyed shopping for the majority of our afternoon before heading back for dinner. We spent our evening relaxing and enjoying each other’s company before going to bed. We hope you all at home are doing swell… We love and miss you

                                                                                                    Courtney, Hannah, and Kayla

It’s a great day to be alive, I know the sun’s still shining when I close my eyes

May 26, 2012

Oh where to start. Today was a great and amazing day. Not only did we get to sleep in today, but it was just a wonderful and fun day overall. We were able to meet some students from a college in Beijing. They took a trip and they learned about where we are staying and about our college. After all the talking was over with we played games with them; their ability to speak English, even though some better than others, and some very well, astounded me. They all loved being able to talk to foreigners (as they call us) and also take pictures with us. After they left we had tons of free time on our hands. We decided to watch movies. We were also given the chance to meet another person who is just really nice and sweet. She is visiting where we are staying at. Today was just a great day to be alive. I have made lasting friendships here and I definitely am not ready to leave here!


"It’s Friday, Friday"

May 25, 2012

Today was definitely a great day to serve in the school here in East Asia! Since it is Friday, there was a lot of energy on the school campus, and I think it is because everyone knows the weekend is drawing near. In the morning, four of us girls got the wonderful privilege to help out with the children. We do a variety of work, but today we got to love on all the kids and babies. Each one is such a blessing, and it is amazing to hear their stories and see the work that father has done in each life! I’ve especially drawn close to the four beautiful babies upstairs. J So, while the four girls work with the children, the other six help in the English classrooms, which is a great opportunity for us to share our stories with them. The students have many questions, and we are always willing to answer them.

In the afternoon, mostly all the students leave campus. So we had some extra time to help clean all the plastic balls in the ball pit, and spend some quality bonding time with the other group here that is from America. Overall, it was a great day to end the week!


Blue Skies.

Wednesday May 23, 2012

Our trip, thus far, has been incredible!  Every day shows a different adventure.  The women moved up in the world.  We have moved from the dorm-life to the guest house.  Unfortunately we only have one bathroom for 7 girls, but we make it work.  The boys, on the other hand, struggle with air conditioning. We do have 3 football boys so they definitely like it cold.  A new baby arrived today.  The last few days we have been able to actually see the sky!  It feels like we are back in Kansas.  Today was the first day we got to go out into the village.  It was definitely a different experience, but amazing to see how other cultures live.  When we went into the grocery store, we could only take our money in.  We had to turn our bags in at the front of the store and then we could pick it up when you leave. During lunch, we play volleyball with the students.  We made brownies today as part of the cooking class, a little taste of America.  I really enjoy the after school program for the elementary school kids.  This is an opportunity for the students to learn English.  Today we taught them the alphabet.  Capture the flag!  We played capture the flag tonight in the parking lot.  It was pitch dark, but we were having so much fun!  By the way my team won… We are enjoying our time here but we miss you all! See you soon.



Dancing in the moonlight

May 24, 2012

Ni hao! Today was full of lots of joy and energy. The students in the English learning school are becoming more and more interested in father and are anxious to ask us questions. It is such a blessing to have a great connection with these people after only a week of being here. We continue to serve in both the classrooms and in the foster home.  A few of the girls working for the foster home in the afternoon are often seen in the backyard doing tasks such as hedge trimming, mowing the lawn, and shoveling dirt. It is quite a sight, let me tell ya! Other people spend some quality time with the Chinese students helping them improve their grammar skills as well as getting to know them on a personal level. Tonight was particularly special because both we and the students were taught how to swing dance. It may not have been the most graceful dancing, but it brought a lot of joy, laughter, and entertainment for everyone.  For the first time since being here, we were actually able to see the stars and moon, so we were literally dancing in the moonlight. What a great way to end a fantastic day!

-Courtney :)

The Son Came Out Today

Hello, today was a very eventful day.  We (mostly the ladies) started off working in the daycare and in the classrooms.  I worked in the classroom and have had a chance to work with a very special lady named Shelly.  She works very hard and I admire her for it.  All of the kids work hard and it is amazing to see how well they speak and write.  In the afternoon we had a chance to sit down and play a cross cultural game and answer questions about our cultures.  It was quite a learning experience.  All of the kids are filled with such energy.  We play a lot of volleyball and ping pong(which is fine with me) in our spare time.  It was a great day filled with a lot of great people.  Take care.


First Day of School

Monday the 21st

Today was the first day of helping out here. In the morning, we as a team ate then went to the foster home and/or the class rooms. The girls that go to the foster home take turns in the classroom so everyone gets to spend time with the little ones.  I helped out in the classroom all morning and in the afternoon I worked with a girl named Jenny.  She was very shy at first when I asked her questions that the teacher gave me to ask.  As time went on she was more open, and we had a lot of fun discussing the questions in more depth. We then played vollyball later that night having lots of fun, followed by a Nerf gun war in the mess hall.  It is just so beautiful here in East Asia Big Man! You make some places just so peaceful. Anyhow that’s all for Monday folks.  See ya in a few weeks :)

Taylor Oswald aka Milkdud

Great times…Great Wall!


Hey everyone!

Today started off with going to a gathering of foreigners to talk about dad. It was a really neat experience and awesome to see people gathering together from all over the world. After the gathering, we went to the see the Great Wall! Seeing this magnificent feat of engineering by man amazed me. Then I have to think, how much more amazing the engineering is that dad does when compared with people. Wow, he is so powerful! I love him J